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Introducing Cold Courage

February 24, 2015


Cold Courage is a 23-year old electronic music producer from Greenwich, UK. His debut EP ‘Her’ is a musical exploration of how one can represent the often impenetrable thoughts that exist within someone else’s mind. He creates ambient and experimental music by deconstructing obscure vinyls, YouTube clips, iPhone memos, tapes and manipulating synthesisers, which he then blends with live instruments to create haunting and multi-layered tracks.

Taking inspiration from Brian Eno and Ben Frost and affected by the beats of Jon Hopkins and Four Tet, Cold Courage’s music meshes whale sounds, operatic scores and film transcripts together to create music that has a deeply meditative quality to it.

Cold Courage is set to release his new EP ‘Her’ on 20th April via Cold Courage Music.

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