February 11, 2015


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Started in 2014 and inspired by the classic 80’s electronic pop of Roxy Music, Soft Cell and Japan Manchester’s GIRL FRIEND found a sound all of their own.  A band unknowingly fizzing with modern feel and described recently as ‘honing in on the particulars of passion and desire.’

The band’s songs channel the muse of lead singer Amory, an individual painting himself in lyrics as a character in internal conflict; consumed by his own vanity and either maladjusted or hopelessly hedonistic.  All these complex themes are delivered in palatable thrusts of pop decadence and light-hearted reflections.  On the song themes Amory states “I found it interesting to juxtapose the dour moods and fatal flaws, with almost clichéd views on style and glamour. To dress the misery in something beautiful. The experiences of sexual frustration and amorous longing are portrayed with a graceful exterior.”

Recent track ‘STOP’  and it’s surrealist video picked up early responses from blogs like The 405 and Ear Milk as well as interviews with BBC Introducing and Shell Zenner at Amazing Radio.  The follow-up ‘Chemical Reaction’ (a romantic ode to the fear of romance) picked up the most praise of GIRL FRIEND’s output so far; described by ‘When The Gramophone Rings’ blog as ‘a whole-package-mix of sensual music and a cool vocal, with bright guitar riffs, tight rhythm, polished synths and a weightless chorus.’

A remix by NME favourites ‘By the Sea’ followed bringing the band to date with ‘Monte Carlo’.  Suitably themed on romance in the riviera the track is imbued with mediterranean sunshine and dance floor decadence, with a nod to francophone gloss of Phoenix and the detailed electronic production of M83, Hot Chip and the Greco Roman label.

“A delightfully bombastic disco-pop chorus more explosive than a baking soda and vinegar volcano. These boys know the science of a great sound”
The Line of Best Fit (Song of the Day)

Girl Friend seem to have arrived with their sound complex, exact, intoxicating.”

“Girl Friend offer themselves up as a band ready to skew and defy whenever the occasion presents itself”

“Girl Friend present a refined and entrancing sound always injecting strong emotion into each of their songs.”
Ear Milk | |

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