Enablers return with fifth album, The Rightful Pivot; European tour starts in March‏

February 28, 2015
 Lenny Gonzalez

Lenny Gonzalez

   San Francisco’s Enablers have announced that their fifth full-length album shall be released this April via long time collaborators Exile On Mainstream (handling the CD release), in conjunction with Lancashire and Somerset (LP release) and Atypeek Music (digital release), and is titled The Rightful Pivot.
  Formed in 2002, Enablers’ subsequent four LPs and two EPs have all achieved a certifiable non-compliance with standard approaches to “spoken word” music, and their latest proves to be a further development in the band’s powerful sense for difference and absolute indifference to classification. The Rightful Pivot will come as a treat to explorers of unique expression.

   Since the 2004 release of their first LP, End Note (Neurot Recordings), Enablers have established a new direction in spoken word music. The prose and poetry of Pete Simonelli (published poet, writer, and audiobook narrator) is intricately woven into the dynamic interplay of guitarists Joe Goldring (former Swans, Toiling Midgets, Touched by a Janitor) and Kevin Thomson (former Nice Strong Arm, Timco, Touched by a Janitor), and is punctuated by drummer Sam Ospovat (PIKI, Beep!, tUnE-yArDs, William Winant). Musically, the compositions range from melodic minimalism to heavy, rhythmically challenging thickets of sound.
  Following End Note came Output Negative Space (Neurot Recordings) and Tundra (Exile on Mainstream) as well as two EP’s featuring extended improvisations (The Achievement on Awesome Vistas and Now You Can Answer My Prayers on Lancashire and Somerset). With an almost entirely DIY approach to touring and intense live performances, Enablers continually please fans in the underground of the European continent and the UK, and have earned merit as a consistently visible band, always on the road and being active. Their last release, Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions (Exile On Mainstream and Lancashire and Somerset Dance Society), found Enablers evolving even more. The record’s textural and evocative sound realised a new direction while maintaining the distinct elements of musicianship and imagination that made the previous releases so engaging.
   And now Enablers return with The Rightful Pivot – an album incorporating their several stages, stops and progressions of a stunning career. Recalling some of the early days in rough and direct approaches without sacrificing any of the maturity of songwriting inherent to its predecessors, The Rightful Pivot comes across like brackets around what the band was, is, and will eventually become. As before we will not elaborate any further on the content of this new release as this would mean taking away the magic and stunning interplay of words, instruments, wisdom and texture. It remains as it was: as much as you cannot pigeonhole this band you cannot not love them.


Enablers will be touring Europe, commencing on Monday in Brussels. The UK leg starts on April 1st. Find the tour dates below:
MONDAY 2 – Brussels @ Chaff
TUESDAY 3 – Liege @ La Zone
WEDNESDAY 4 – Paris @ Le Petit Bain
THURSDAY 5 – Lyon @ Periscope
FRIDAY 6 – Montpellier @ Black Sheep
SATURDAY 7 – Toulouse @ Les Pavillons Sauvages
SUNDAY – Bilbao @ Satellite T
TUESDAY 10 – Oviedo @ Lata de Zinc
WEDNESDAY 11 – Villa Real @ Club Vila Real
THURSDAY 12 – Lisbon @ Musicbox
FRIDAY 13 – Don Benito @ The New Rio Pincon Sound
SATURDAY 14 – Madrid @ La Faena
SUNDAY 15 – Zaragoza @ Centro Cultural Las Armas
MONDAY 16 – Barcelona @ Lupita Del Raval
WEDNESDAY 18 – Marseilles @ L’embobineuse
THURSDAY 19 – Genova @ Teatro Della Maddalena
FRIDAY 20 – Milan @ Circolo Agora
SATURDAY 21 – Bologna @ Freakout
SUNDAY 22 – Linz @ Stadtwerkstadt
TUESDAY 24 – Prague @ 007
WEDNESDAY 25 – Krakow @ Klub Re
THURSDAY 26 – Warsaw @ Dwa Osiem
FRIDAY 27 – Leipzig @ Ut Connewitz
SATURDAY 28 – Berlin @ Shockoladen
SUNDAY 29 – Hamburg @ Hafenklang
TUESDAY 31 – Brighton @ The Joker
WEDNESDAY 1 – Bristol @ The Cube
THURSDAY 2 – Manchester @ Gullivers
FRIDAY 3 – Nottingham @ The Maze
SATURDAY 4 – London @ Electrowerkz
SUNDAY 5 – Kent @ Ramsgate Music Hall



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