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Be My Friend in Exile ‘Creator, You Destroy Me’ – Cassette Release Feature- Already Dead Tapes

February 1, 2015



Already Dead Tapes are a small label with the biggest heart. This brilliant label is effortlessly going from strength to strength, gaining quite a reputation for the amount of incredible records and the talent they are releasing, their aim is to produce and distribute small editions of tape and vinyl. The roots of the label were established from musicians using non-traditional methods to craft sound as art. As a niche tape & art label Already Dead places high regard on projects of an experimental nature. Already Dead Tapes have a vast and delectable collection of releases as the label are currently working on the grounds of trying to release at best one album a week- Pretty Impressive.

Readers of the site will be familiar with this label by now and our aim is to promote some of the releases that they push. Adding to their long and loveable list of releases, comes  one of their latest found in London based ambient drone artist, Be My Friend in Exile’s ‘Creator You Destroy Me‘, which is out now.

Creator You Destroy Me is a haunting masterpiece. To try and sum a drone artists release in the correct reflecting words can be quite challenging.  Be My Friend in Exile create compelling compositions, each track captivates the listener with its heightening arrangements. Vigorous and heavy bassy-drone fused with minimal guitar somehow aid in creating such deep sonic textures. This dark record manages to elevate the audience, an atmospherical record which can so easily soundtrack any bleak day, to accompany any thoughts. Creator You Destroy Me is a very intelligent piece of music.

Be My Friend in Exile’s ‘Creator you Destroy Me’ is available now on very limited edition cassette. Add this record to your collection now.


 Find out more about their releases and all information here- http://alreadydeadtapes.com/

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