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Auriént’s new single ‘Another World’ stream + b-side cut Owlery.‏

February 24, 2015


Imagine the gritty techno of Gesaffelstein colliding with airy, soulful calls to the dancefloor À la DJ Falcon and the Ed Banger crew. Thump/Vice

there’s a real sense of buoyancy to the production, with Auriént fusing blissful Californian sunshine with Chicago’s classic bounce. Clash Magazine

Another World’ is that perfect fusion of grizzly techno and electrifying electro that sounds like it was cooked up in a smokey Parisian basement. Harder Blogger Faster

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ, Auriént, is set to deliver his debut album ‘Aura Bath’ via Swedish label van Drumpt later this year. With a strong appreciation for disco and Chicago house music, the young producer has created a fresh but familiar sound that will resonate with old-school and new dance music fans alike. While there’s an obvious nod to French peers DJ Falcon, Sebastien Leger & Ed Banger Records’ Feadz on his house-inspired cut ‘Owlery’, Auriént’s new single ‘Another World’ recalls the techno tones of Gesaffelstein as he colours outside the lines between nu-disco and vocal house.

‘Another World’

Artist: Auriént
Title: Another World

Track list:
1. Another World
2. Owlery
3. Another World – Le Sabre Remix

Release date: February 23
Label: van Drumpt

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