A message from Iron Maiden’s manager, Rod Smallwood‏

February 5, 2015



The ever-increasing plague of ‘Secondary Ticketing’ excesses are a blight on live music and sports events and much to the detriment of fans. This affects fans both in terms of fair cost and their equal opportunity to be able to buy tickets when they go on sale. There is an urgent need for greater transparency on ticket sales. Many major bands and managers, agents and promoters along with national sporting bodies like the RFU and ECB have long been calling for Government intervention and legislation as there is excessive profiteering going on at the expense of genuine fans. But to date the government has done nothing about this.

However there is finally an opportunity with the Bill from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ticket Abuse, co-chaired by Mike Weatherly MP (Conservative) and Sharon Hodgson MP (Labour) to inject much needed transparency .

Your support is critical to demonstrate to this Government that the Public are fully behind us in this opposition to the current abuses. We would urge all UK Iron Maiden and Metal Fans to consider supporting this Bill and assist ideally by emailing your local MP or simply going on Facebook or Twitter, and rallying behind the cause – Put Fans First.

Contacting your MP is the most helpful and carries the most weight, but it would be terrific if you could not only do all three of the above but invite your friends to do so too. This may well be the best and only opportunity fans have to get some protection from the touts and more equality in getting tickets to major concerts and events. Join us at in helping bring an end to the profiteering activities of ticket touts online that prevent real fans attending the events they wish to go to, at the price they should be sold the tickets for.

Using the TEMPLATE that can be found on—secondary-ticketing.html  or in your own words, we would encourage you to email your MP asking them to support this amendment when it comes back to the House of Commons.

If you’re not sure who your MP is or how to contact them, you can find out by entering your postcode on


Twitter: @put_fans_first

More information can be found on the APPG Ticket Abuse website:

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