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January 29, 2015


Out of the quiet town of Matlock come Patawawa – an electronic trio that blends beats to pump blood, glittered guitar riffs and basslines that bite. The three-piece have crafted a sound that stays true to the neon roots of funk and disco, but dress it with a cheekyness that could only have come out of Derbyshire.

Beth Garrett (Vocals) and Rory Lovatt (Guitar/Producer) became acquainted at the age of 8 after they both shared the same guitar teacher. Sam Wilmot (Vocals) and Rory met at the age of 14 after being sat next to each other in a Spanish class at school (El amor es como el WI-FI, a medida que te alejas, pierde intensidad).  They both became friendly with Beth at the local skate park and soon learned that she herself could belt a note or two. The tempest of puberty came and went, and Rory finally invited Beth to feature on an early Patawawa track “Charmer”.

2014 has seen Patawawa conquer both the London music scene as well as the Northern territories, performing at Night and Day in Manchester, The Notting Hill Arts Club, The Dublin Castle and The Troubadour, among other prestigious venues. With incredible support from the likes of Dean Jackson and Tom Robinson, their music has also graced BBC Introducing, Fresh on the Net and Amazing Radio, as well as featured in various Hype Machine blogs. 2015 looks set to hold big things for the band, with a terrific new EP coming out and supports at the O2 Academy Sheffield and The Zanzibar in Liverpool.

“In a time and age when originality seems hard to find, Patawawa’s sound strikes us as just that.” – Radar Magazine

“a fresh-faced take on an increasingly saturated genre” – Indie Shuffle

“Highly promising” – Radio 6 Presenter Tom Robinson

Patawawa’s new single “Strange” is taken from their upcoming EP “Knowleston Palace” which is to be released on 16th March 2015. The single “Strange” will be available and downloadable on Soundcloud and other platforms on 28th January 2015. The song peeks into the rainbow musings of a young man as he attempts to decipher the odd behaviour of his love interest. This song is the sudden reality check in a Brazilian carnival, the last glass of fruit punch at a balloon and cocaine party, or even the zoo’s only insecure peacock.

It is the colourful confusion that comes with a relationship.

Like all of Patawawa’s material “Strange” was recorded and produced in their bedroom in Matlock. Impressed by Patawawa’s repertoire, video production studio Kevin And Roy has made a video for the single in an act of excitement and kindness, to be released on the 28th of January 2015.

Direction: Josefin Malmén
Production company: KevinandRoy
DOP: David Strindberg
Camera Operator: Ben Hansen
Styling: Rickardo Maxwell
Hair + Make-Up: Elvira Warn
Production coordinator: Sofia Swahn

“It’s like a sabbatical

Intensely fanatical

With nothing problematical

It’s strange”

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