OK Go to release ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ single ahead of UK album release‏

January 23, 2015

c3dd6d1f-388b-4395-8d52-ba47515ad9ebOK Go to release single ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’
from Hungry Ghosts album released on February 16th
Paracadute via BMG

UK live show at Koko, London on 13th February

Watch video:

LA’s OK Go are set to release their epic pop single ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ in the UK, taken from their new album Hungry Ghosts, both out on Monday 16th February by Paracadute via BMG.

While the song, which was heard in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, concerns a relationship that may be at its end, the dizzying video, packed with optical illusions that blur the line between reality and imagination, affirms that OK Go are still very much in love with the video-making process.

Directed by Aaron Duffy, OK Go’s Damian Kulash and Bob Partington, ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ is the first video shot with the Panasonic LUMIX GH4, which utilizes 4K video recording technology. Like all of OK Go’s videos, ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ is a single shot video. However, preparations for that single shot took two months and involved 61 run-throughs. The anamorphic illusions seen on screen are a tip of the hat to artists Felice Varini, Georges Rousse and Dan Tobin-Smith.

On the new album Hungry Ghosts, the band chose to work with longtime producer and friend Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Weezer, MGMT), while also enlisting a new collaborator in Los Angeles, veteran Tony Hoffer, (Beck, Phoenix, Foster the People) to create their most comfortable and far-reaching songs yet.

“As the band has evolved over the last 15 years, the creative palette we work with has expanded in so many unexpected and gratifying directions,” says frontman Damian Kulash. “This record feels like it’s the musical manifestation of that — like we can speak in a clearer voice when we are playing in a bigger sandbox. Just as the band’s whole project became clearer to us as we learned to find more homes for our creativity — we triangulated it from more directions. And, I think the music itself has gotten more focused for similar reasons. We went in with fewer preconceptions of who we are or what our sound is, and came out with a record that sounds much more uniquely our own because of it.”

OK Go will return to the UK for a one off show at London’s Koko on 13th February 2015 ahead of their album released on 16th February via Paracadute / BMG. Tickets are available now from the album at

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