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Introducing WRISTS- The Censorship Trap Album Release Special

January 15, 2015


WRISTS – The Censorship Trap

FFO: The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Death Grips

Introducing a must hear outfit. WRISTS are an electronic/hip hop/ noise rock outfit bursting with potential. This incredibly heavy + filthy sounding act are split between Derby in the UK and New York City in the US. Consisting of 
Shep & Turtle Handz the pair are proving unstoppable, 2015 is their year. Having recently signed with Atypeek Music for the release of their debut album, The Censorship Trap, which was released on Jan 12th, 2015.

WRISTS was born out of a track from a little known project in 2012 called Patient Zero between Shep and Canadian producer, Waatu. Turtle Handz laid down the vocals on the opening tune and a friendship was sparked, fuelled by a mutual love of the noisier side of electronica. Discussions took place, beats were made, ideas were passed back and forth between the UK and US, and eventually WRISTS was born.

Together they create powerful and forceful compositions. Their 13 track debut album is an astonishingly intelligent release and an intense debut from the pair. Turtle Handz captivates the listener whislt  actively progressing through his lyrics in a compelling and violent manner  accompanied with annihilating bass heavy electronic beats curated by Shep.

The Censorship Trap Track Listing
1. Figure
2. Mountain of Skulls
3. The Catcher In The Ricin
4. Telephone Boxes
5. Huffs
6. Nite REM Razorbladez
7. Attn: Whore
8. Double Dutch Milky Way
9. Grey Days Are Straight Ahead
10. Da’ Speaker Blown
11. Blackout
12. Man VS Beats
13. Pigs Still Porkin’ (Another Negro Summer)

You can find this masterpiece streaming in full below-

You can grab a copy of the album via iTunes and bandcamp, links below.


Official website
Facebook –
Bandcamp –
Twitter – @wristsmusic

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