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January 6, 2015



FFO: Citizen, Turnover, You Blew It!

January 5th, 2015- Oklahoma’s own Fossil Youth have teamed up with Modern Vinyl to premiere their new song “Wick” today. The song comes from their upcoming EP entitled “Intertwined With You”, which will be available on 7″/CD/Digital February 3rd via Take This To Heart Records.

“The song begins with a dejected Noonan “shrug[ging] off the excess worry [he] built” and “stuck [with] his weaknesses” against downtuned chords. But as the tension breaks, he vows to work through the ensuing flood. This push for personal betterment is placed against a soundtrack which attempts to match this rush to improve. This is where the separation between Fossil Youth and their contemporaries lie: they’re destined to push through with matched lyrical and instrumental grit, instead of favoring one over the other.”- James Cassar (Modern Vinyl)


Formed in 2011, Fossil Youth originally began as the single minded vision of founding member Scottie Noonan. Over the course of the next year, the band’s sound was reshaped, and eventually, Fossil Youth coalesced into the band it is today. With a newfound lineup and confidence, the band collaborated on new music with a renewed vigor, and began to hit the road in support of the material. FY has spent the last several years honing and perfecting their craft, and are poised to release a batch of new material that will stand on its own, and contend with the formidable musicality of their contemporaries in today’s emo/indie rock scene. Ultimately, Fossil Youth aims to deliver a perfect synthesis of their varied influences, while keeping a sense of youth and originality at the forefront of their refined approach.

Fossil Youth- “Intertwined With You”

Track Listing:
1. From The Window
2. Silver Tongue
3. Wick
4. Intertwined With You

Available on 7″/CD/Digital

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