Debut single from Austin Dickinson’s brand new band ‘As Lions’‏

January 10, 2015


The debut single available now as a free download

Brit metallers Rise To Remain, have announced their split, and from the ashes, have given birth to the brand new As Lions. The 5-piece have unveiled their debut track ‘The Fall‘, a ferocious, no-holds-barred blast of melodic metal.

Available to download for free, ‘The Fall’ showcases the band’s heavy, crushing riffs, with lead singer Austin Dickinson’s lyrics tackling the theme of determination.

Says Austin Dickinson: “’The Fall’ is a song seething with an energy and determination that I have never felt before. Coming off the back of our former projects, it would be far too easy to release something that ‘treads the water’. We wanted this one out there first because it has that crucial diversity that sets us apart, but at its heart has the anthemic core and the fleshed out heaviness that made me want to make music in the first place. It’s a direct, impassioned and honest statement of intent for our future. 2015 is the year that UK Rock breaks down even more walls, and we are here to help light that fuse.

With an EP due out in Spring, and a debut album to be released later this year, the UK has a new beast on its hands. As Lions have arrived.

As Lions are Austin Dickinson (Vocals), Conor O’Keefe (Guitar), Will Homer (Guitar), Stefan Whiting (Bass) and Dave Fee (Drums).

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