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Community Records Release 4 Way Split- Ex-Breathers / Ovlov / Woozy / Gnarwhal

January 5, 2015


At the tail end of last year, the wonderful guys over at Community Records released a must have / must hear split featuring Tallahassee’s Ex-Breathers, Newtown’s Ovlov, New Orleans’ Woozy, and Nashville’s Gnarwhal in association with Hex Records and Social Cancer Records.

The four- way split contains 8 hard hitting tracks. a collection of songs ranging from driving hardcore to introspective indie rock. Ex-Breathers start the split journey and captivate the listener with their Daughters’ like filthy riffs, bass lines and ferocious vocals.  Ovlov’s renowned abrasive, post punk attributes follow the first 3 tracks making it impossible to stop listening. Woozy’s melodic mathy essence fused with delectable vocals and an upbeat feel pull you in further and then Gnarwhal close the record with their experimental jazzcore roots. Each composition comprising the record, compliments the raw projection of the release. Melodic and more-ish.

Track Listing:

1. Ex-Breathers – Falling Away
2. Ex-Breathers – Jungle Love
3. Ex-Breathers – Modern Reach
4. Ovlov – The Great Ohmu
5. Woozy – Magma Stoddard
6. Woozy – The Other Half Lives
7. Gnarwhal – Scooter Park
8. Gnarwhal – Sangwich

Listen to the collaboration streaming in full below –

Make sure you grab this incredible record now-

We love Community Records– The DIY label based in New Orleans, Louisiana- pride themselves on delivering the best in underground punk, reggae, hardcore, ska, experimental, noise etc. Community Records try to create something different, something positive, inclusive, beautiful, inspiring and something reflecting quality. Their efforts, all of which paying of. Their bands are united not on the basis of musical style but more on the common goal of making challenging music in a radical way. Community Records aim to break down the walls between artists and listeners and the one thing that sets the New Orleans label apart from others is, despite putting out physical releases they also offer the majority of their music available as a free download.

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