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Cohesion -‘Luna’ Single Review | Gavin Brown

January 29, 2015

a3780210003_2Cohesion -‘Luna’ Released 23rd January 2015- Progressive People Records

Single Review

The new single from Sunderlands Cohesion starts off with a glacial guitar intro that slowly morphs into heartfelt vocals in almost hushed tones and then fully into a catchy and emotional song with the rhythm section providing a solid backbone to the intricate guitar playing and soaring vocals.
The second half of Luna picks the pace up a bit and brings the track a driving quality that drags you in and won’t let you go without listening intently. The chorus in particular is one that will stick in your memory for a long while being both catchy and memorable.

Luna is an anthemic track that will definitely have gig audiences singing along to and the band deserves to be playing to bigger and bigger audiences as the year goes on. A brilliant song and one that makes me want to hear a lot more from Cohesion.

Progressive People Records-

 Words: Gavin Brown

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