Breaking Bad’s spin off ‘Better Call Saul’ exclusive trailer announcement‏ featuring Billy Momo

January 27, 2015


“Urban-folk collective Billy Momo’s charmingly slurred tunes sound like they could frequent the same dimly lit taverns that Tom Waits’ early offerings were forged in.” Q Magazine

Billy Momo are thrilled to announce that their music has been featured in the new trailer for ‘Better Call Saul’, Vince Gilligan’s follow-up to the universally acclaimed television series ‘Breaking Bad’.

This exciting preview to the hotly anticipated show includes ‘Wishing Ain’t No Sin’, one of the highlights of the Swedish urban-folk collective’s new album ‘Drunktalk’, due for release through Hype Music on 2nd February 2015.

This is the latest triumph for a band that have enjoyed a fantastic couple of months, being played on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music show and receiving support from the likes of Wondering Sound, Q Magazine, and Indie Shuffle.

After many years working as musicians in other people’s bands, Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell decided to commence a project where the creative decisions were their own. The duo escaped to a lodge in the woods to begin work on new material and emerged from isolation as ‘Billy Momo’, the name they lovingly gave to ‘a common alter ego, an illusion of their own, a sort of pet ghost’ they discovered there.

Since their inception in the woods, the collective has grown substantially, now consisting of seven members in total. Tomas and Oskar found their fellow musicians close to home, recruiting Andreas Prybil and Mårten Forssman from the album’s spiritual home: the speakeasy Tomas used to run. The rest of the group consists of Tomas’ relatives, including his brother-in-law Oscar Harryson, the head and chief engineer of Soundhabits Studios, Stockholm, where ‘Drunktalk’ was recorded and produced.

Drunktalk’, the band’s second album, will be released on 2nd February 2015, less than a week before the U.S. premiere of AMC’s brand new series ‘Better Call Saul’.

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