Arthur Brown Tells His Story In 2015‏ -The Original Originator Orates His Fascinating Life Story

January 30, 2015


An Evening With Arthur Brown

The Original Originator Orates His Fascinating Life Story

Taking a break from live shows with ‘The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’, the amazingly operatic progressive artiste extraordinaire Arthur Brown will be touring ‘An Evening With’ style show to seated audiences telling his life story in March 2015.

The God Of Hellfire will tell such stories as how his band torched the French Mafia’s club in Spain, and what happened when Hendrix’s girlfriend came home after a night with the God of Hellfire – among a plethora of other amazing tales, from a career spanning 45 years, from his 1968 Number 1 hit single ‘Fire’ and headlining the first Glastonbury in 1971; through being covered the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, The Who and The Prodigy and cited as a major influence on Peter Gabriel, Bruce Dickenson and Alice Cooper; to being awarded ‘Showman of the Year’ by Classic Rock magazine and his latest album release ‘Zim Zam Zim’.

This is a piece of performance theatre – a form of which Arthur Brown was one of the pioneers.  This is the first part of the multimedia presentation of his life, times and travels.  The show includes solo acoustic material dance, shadow puppetry, projection and animation. On stage will be just his co – traveler Angel Fallon who is well known to the fans as his extravagant dancer and Arthur himself.  She dances, wears costumes, sings and helps narrate the whole story – a story based on a hitch hiking journey undertaken by Arthur Brown at the beginning of his 17th year. In it he encounters, demons, the Goddess, shaven headed soldiers, military police, beatnicks, Boozing Bishops, and great musicians. It is a true story where events from the past and future are interwoven populated with figures from different realms.

The life of Arthur Brown is a true blockbuster. Join him for An Evening With Arthur Brown on one of the following dates in 2015:

12th Mar  –  Wolverhampton  –  Robin 2
13th Mar  –  York  –  The Basement
14th Mar  –  Oxford  –  The Cellar
20th Mar  –  Portsmouth  –  The Cellars
21st  Mar –  Devon  –  Petroc
27th Mar  –  Liverpool  –  Leaf
28th Mar  –  Manchester  –  Ruby Lounge
02nd Apr  –  London  –  100 Club

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