Swim Good release ‘Little Victories’ lyric video and Ella Eyre cover‏

December 5, 2014

Swim Good release 90’s VHS style lyric video for new single ‘Little Victories’ and cover of Ella Eyre’s ‘Comeback’


It’s like a halfway point between Panic! At The Disco and Proceed” – Alex Bakerman, Kerrang Radio!


The quirky alt-pop quartet  Swim Good have just revealed two new videos. This is the first brand new material released from the quirky alt-pop quartet since they’re debut e.p earlier this year and follows their last single ‘Yeah Yeah Great Yeah’.  Frontman Ryan Greaves had the following to say about the new track:

“The lyrics for Little Victories are about changes. Between the last few lingering thoughts of people and bad habits from your past, the determination to overcome those thoughts entirely and finally admitting to yourself that you’re better off without them. In time, I found that burning the right bridges and moving forward is the only cure for the comfortable mess you once allowed yourself to settle for.”

The band have also revealed a cover of Ella Eyre’s hit Comeback which will be one of two B-sides to accompany the new single. The second B-side is a brand new acoustic track titled Love Don’t Tempt Me.


Swim Good will be announcing more new music  and touring plans in 2015. The new single and the band’s back catalogue are available to buy and/or stream online now from iTunes, Spotify . Check  out Swim Good on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube

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