Swedish urban-folk collective BIlly Momo present festive video for ‘Shine Like the Devil’‏

December 18, 2014


“A seven piece band who can combine Abba pop and quieter folk into something really effective”
Swedish urban-folk collective Billy Momo present second single ‘Drunktalk’ from their forthcoming sophomore album of the same name. This follows the success of their latest single, ‘I’ve Got You’, and is available for download from 12th January 2015 via Hype Music.

Having played in various other bands, Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell began the group in 2009, retreating to a lone cabin in the woods in search of creating music they could call their own. It was there that they wrote their first album ‘Ordinary Men’ and discovered “a common alter ego, an illusion of their own, a sort of pet ghost” which they fondly named ‘Billy Momo’. Since then, the band has grown to seven members, all playing, writing, and recording under the name of their beloved ghost.
Members Andreas Prybil and Mårten Forssman were brought into the fold after working in a Stockholm speakeasy owned by Tomas. ‘Drunktalk’ seems to be lifted straight from the jukebox of that very bar. Its unashamedly sleazy riffs, abundance of debauchery, and understated vocals combine to create a track that slithers and slurs through a dimly lit tavern, a song that gives the over-served tenants a welcome drinking companion.
The album was recorded in Soundhabits Studios, Stockholm where Tomas’ brother-in-law, and now Billy Momo member, is head and chief engineer. It embraces the creative input of all seven of the collective’s members, incorporating a vast array of instruments to mould the incredible, distinctive sound of the Billy Momo family.
The title track of ‘Drunktalk’ is an enlightening glimpse into the intriguing world of Billy Momo, a track that substantiates the interest surrounding the band, and only increases the anticipation for the album’s release in February 2015.

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