Soldiers Of A Wrong War Have Released Mini Album ‘Slow’ Worldwide

December 17, 2014


Italian Rockers, Soldiers Of A Wrong War, have released their new mini album, ‘Slow’, Worldwide, which can be purchased on iTunes.
Packed with anthemic tracks, ‘Slow’, is a mix of heavy riffs and catchy hooks that your brain will soak up like a sponge and you’ll never gonna be able to live without. The album as a whole shows where Soldiers Of A Wrong War are right now musically.
Track Listings:

1. Slow
2. Walls
3. Inside My Bones
4. Believe This
5. Dreamers
6. Save Me
7. Inside My Bones (Acoustic)
The album-titled track, Slow, is the first single off the mini album, which was released on Wednesday 19th November. With it’s sharp sound and catchy chorus, Slow, is a never surrender anthem, which is one of the themes throughout the album: “we’ll never surrender, we’ll walk our path and we’ll build our dreams, step by step and brick by brick.”

Watch the official music video for Slow


“We live, bleed and breathe for music: it’s more than words, melodies and notes mixed up together, music is our lifeblood, music is where we thrive!”

Soldiers Of A Wrong War formed in 2007. Since the very beginning the guys took seriously their musical interests and after a few months they started to write their own music. After almost a year the band began recording their material in a studio, recording at first a three track EP in 2009 and then, on January 2011, their first full length album, “Lights & Karma”. Both of the releases were completely self funded. From the album are were released two singles: “Save Me” and “Dreamers”.

If you’re looking for some heavy but at the same time catchy, fresh and sharp alternative rock that will jump into your ears to conquer your brain, freeze it in a moment of pure pleasure and give it back to you safely refreshed, then Soldiers Of A Wrong War is exactly what you need!
Soldiers Of A Wrong War, will be touring the UK in January. (dates to follow)

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