Popop EP Out Today on Gravy Records‏

December 15, 2014

ImageProxyPOPOP – The Love Brontosaurus of Love of Love EP


Uplifting and jerky electronic-genius POPOP aka Pop Operations aka Jay Barsby releases plethoric and noisy EP via download and ltd edition orange cassette on Gravy Records on 15th December.

Born and raised in Nottingham, Jay Barsby set off on a foolhardy quest to visit every city beginning with the letter N. However, after a stint at art school in Norwich, it is there he stayed, honing his skills in the bands Ray Brower and Death of Death of Discotheque, before taking the plunge as the solo artist Popop.

Popop makes a lot of noise. He sings a bit and he dances a bit. He makes his own synthesisers, noise boxes and effects pedals, complete with blinking lights and plastic skulls. It’s not quite dance music and it’s not quite punk music, and it’s not electropunk music. Someone once called it space soul.

Imagine a room, and in that room, Dan Deacon is playing chess with ‘LP’ era Holy Fuck, whilst in the kitchen ‘mega’ era YACHT is making everyone DEVO shaped cookies.


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