Plastic Fish Records Presents American Sole Compilation

December 11, 2014


Plastic Fish Records


American Sole


Artists: Beach Youth/The Sea The Sea/Joey Fourr/Nicotine Dream/YOOFS/King TV/Ghosthouse/Inspired And The Sleep


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 ‘Beach Youth’s “Days” stands out by using its straightforward approach to accentuate the infectious melody, allowing it to shine through.’- Earmilk


‘Yoofs’ track “Cant Think” is a Proggish Indie Pop song with a chirpy yet laid back charm that hits all the right notes.’- Subba Cultcha

 ‘You’ll be swept away by The Sea The Sea’s mesmerizing hooks and deep instrumentation’. – Earbuddy

Plastic Fish Records is an independent UK record label which provides the voice and the support for underground bands. They have already signed a variety of indie acts who represent the sound of youth and vigorous energy from all over the world.

 Plastic Fish Records have just released a compilation EP called American Sole, which includes the best upcoming new indie acts from The UK, The States and Europe.

Track List:

Beach Youth – ‘Days’ (Exclusive)

The Sea The Sea – ‘Captives’ (Exclusive)

Joeyy Four – ‘BOYZ II GIRLZ’ (Exclusive)

Nicotine Dream – ‘Don’t See It Coming’

YOOFS – ‘Cant Think’ (Exclusive)

King TV – ‘Stop Your Crying’

Ghosthouse – ‘Carry On’

Inspired and the Sleep – ‘Pool Guard’ (Exclusive)


Beach Youth: ‘Days’

“Beach Youth” is an indie-pop band from Normandy in France. The band consists on Simon Dumottier, Etienne Froidure, Louis-Antonin Lesieur and Gautier Caignaert. As their name suggests, this four-piece and their new single “Days” have an unmistakable taste for tropical rhythms and sun-soaked instrumentation which sits comfortably between Swim Deep, Phoenix and Magic Man.


The Sea The Sea: ‘Captives’

Danny Crane-Brewer, David Freeman, Matthew Clarkson, Marcus Breese and Stu Norfolk are from Oxford who have recently performed with the likes of Tall Ships, My Grey Horse and the Black Tambourines. Their new single “Captives” is all about twin guitars, dynamic soundscapes and an underlying authenticity, which can be easily compared to Klaxons and The 1975.


Joeyy Four: ‘Boyz II Girlz’

Joey Fourr is the new lo-fi indie pop project from ex-Tubelord frontman Joe Prendergast, which has been supported by the likes of Crack Magazine. As Joey Fourr, Predergast creates memorable and drum machine-powered tunes which, in their core, resemble the likes of Happy Mondays, Beach Fossils and Fear Of Men. His latest single “Boyz II Girlz” is all about hooky vocal lines, animated forward motion and shambolic energy.


Nicotine Dream: ‘Don’t See It Coming’

The New York-based duo consists of Nicholas Burk and Marshall Rauh who are all about raw energy and emotion. Like a blend between Swim Deep’s youthful carelessness with a touch of White Lies’ professional precision, Nicotine Dream’s new single “Don’t See It Coming” shows that authentic guitar music is timeless.


Yoofs: ‘Cant Think’

Yoofs are a pristine and proggish indie pop duo from Bournemouth.  Getting inspired by the likes of John Lennon, Tame Impala and Portugal The Man, their upcoming single “Can’t Think” presents the dreamy, detached sneer of the vocals beautifully combined with atmospheric guitars, soaring harmonies and creating the sonically radiant surge of energy.


King TV: ‘Stop your crying’

The London based lo-fi four-piece fit in perfectly somewhere between The Vaccines, The Dandy Warhols and The Warlocks. Their latest single “Stop Your Crying” is all about guitar riffs, psychedelia and glam. It bristles with the infallible ease and confidence that all the best debuts acquire.


Ghosthouse: ‘Carry On’

The Chicago-based electro-funk trio know how to balance analog

ideals and digital reality. Chuck New, Jimmy Con and Dylan Hyde Castle have mastered a way of combining the modern DJ culture with live instrumentation and dynamic 80s production. Influenced by the likes of Chromeo, The Clash and Madness, “Carry On” is all about a killer melody and colourful vocal lines. Chuck New’s impressive vocal range bears the influences of classic mid-west R&B and British new wave, with a remarkable knack for engaging melodies and harmonies set to dynamic beats.


Inspired And The Sleep: ‘Pool Guard’

What began as a solo project for songwriter Max Greenhalgh has since evolved into a 4 piece psychedelic indie pop outfit, filled out by the San Diegan boys Bryce Outcault (guitar and keys), Zach Elliot (drums), and Ryan Linvill (tenor sax).

A mixture between Here We Go Magic, The Kinks and The Kooks, Inspired And The Sleep focus on rhythm, melody and vocal lines. Greenhalgh’s loop-based ideas are reworked through collaborative effort into full-band, groove-based pop tunes. Their new single “Pool Guard” shows the San Diego band’s refined approach to constructing tunes with enhanced production while hinting towards Greenhalgh’s previous lo-fi ponderings.

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