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Introducing… Dalton

December 1, 2014


Single ‘Only Names’ released 15th December via In Stereo Records

Debut album due 2015 via Fierce Panda

Dalton is Nate Harar, a scuffed-up American dreamer on the very cusp of releasing his first record in the UK. ‘Only Names’ is that debut single and a subtle, slow-burning introduction it is too, in every sense of the word. Listen now via Soundcloud.

Like much of the rest of his imminent debut album – due on fierce panda next February – ‘Only Names’ captures the anti-rock ethos of the Dalton muse: too enigmatic to be epic, too instinctive to be self-important. You can hear that Nate Harar has heard “The Big Music”, but has decided to deflate it with a lo-fi sensibility and some excellently simple melodies.

Born in Washington DC, Dalton stopped by Brooklyn before decamping to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. He got his first guitar when he was 13, was forming bands at High School and, as a grown up, ditched the day job and locked himself away for two years accompanied only by dreams of David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Nirvana and Blur to write songs and inadvertently try to right the music industry’s wrongs. The result? An unapologetically hook-laden record, loaded with unbridled, impulsive ideas.

‘Only Names’ will be available to download via In Stereo Records on 15th December 2014.

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