HONEYMILK – Sweden’s Q Magazine favorites release “Sanguine Skies EP”! (Indie/Brit Pop)‏

December 11, 2014


HONEYMILK – Sweden’s Q Magazine favorites release “Sanguine Skies EP”

Stockholm based Honeymilk has had a great 2014 with two new singles, a UK tour and ever growing presence on US college radio. KEXP are spinning their tunes, Q Magazine likes it and at one of the UK shows Alan McGee, legendary Creation Records founder showed up. Today marks the release of “Sanguine Skies”, the new 4 track EP from one of Sweden’s next big exports!

“baggy-stimulating indie-rock quartet Honeymilk sound like a smiley-faced flashback to Manchester’s La Hacienda glory days, albeit cut through with The Strokes-like suaveness and grit” – Q Magazine

“a youthful Charlatans gone wayward after sneaking lessons from Primal Scream, Soup Dragons and The Stone Roses” – God Is The TV Zine

“Barely containing a frenetic stream of creative activity, the song shimmies in measured movements, allowing the crashing percussion and intricate melodies to wrap themselves snugly around the bright guitar riffs that anchor the song in place.” – Nooga

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