HeartSupport Launches UniteTheScene‏

December 19, 2014


A message from Jake Luhrs:

HeartSupport began when I realized my fans had nobody to talk to about their struggles. I knew my music helped some of my fans, but I felt like there were so many more I didn’t know how to help. A letter or a hug once a year at a concert wouldn’t be enough to help them through addictions or abuse or the every day battle of bullying and family problems. I remembered going through that myself, and the worst part was feeling I had nowhere to turn. I created HeartSupport so my fans would have somewhere to go in the moments they need it most.

 HeartSupport’s vision is to create a world where no one in the music scene has to struggle alone. It’s an online community of music fans working through their struggles together. They watch videos of their favorite bands talking about their own struggles, get advice on our blog from our recovery-trained staff, and find hope that they’re not alone on our forums.
HeartSupport’s current campaign is our #UniteTheScene video that will raise awareness and money for this online community. With the funds, we hope to partner with venues across the country and help more fans find hope at HeartSupport.


If you want to help more you can donate $3/month
And finally tell someone who needs it about HS so they know they’re not alone!

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