Enough Records Announce Easton Ellises- Nightwavs

December 3, 2014


Enough Records is proud to present their 6th Easton Ellises release called Nightwavs.

The release took 12 months to write and record, Nightwavs is the Montreal band’s latest studio EP. Many songs were written for the release but only a select few made the cut. On the record you will find a refreshing sound that goes from rock with 80s synthesizers similar to Duran Duran, to disco with “funky” guitars resembling in that of Nile Rodgers, which is reminiscent of the recent Daft Punk success “Get Lucky”.

You can find creative commons samples of their songs available on ccmixter.

The band recently revealed a video produced under a Creative Commons license for the 3rd song on the EP entitled Falcon 69. Watch below-

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