CMBSTN – “Changing” – New single!

December 3, 2014


CMBSTN release “Changing”!

“If you envision this gray canvas that is your life. It’s annoyingly average and dull – but sometimes you get to throw a can of glowing pink paint on it. What happens is, for a brief moment, you become something, or someone else.

You seek thrills, experiences – anything that makes you carry on really. Sometimes dangerous and more often than not highly irresponsible. But you do it because you just wan to FEEL. Feel anything, that you actually are alive.

In order to become these cyncial, well-functioning logical creatures that fit within the frames of society we are forced to change, evolve – ‘mature’.
“Changing” is about how I felt I had become this boring hsell of the persion I really was; rational, emotionless. I just wanted someone to set me on fire. – Max Falk, singer in Stockholm based CMBSTN, on “Changing”.

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