We Are Triumphant Records Sign Omaha Ahead Of ‘Chapters’ EP Release

November 28, 2014


a48f7e83259bb07b7a730fbccb7e8ddc_L Although only forming in 2012, the Leicester 5 piece are starting to make waves in the music industry right now. Recently signed by We Are Triumphant, managed by Monument Music and fresh off a small UK run, Omaha are proving to be serious contenders in the British music scene.

Omaha have been writing and releasing music for a while now, but its the new EP ‘Chapters’ that shows their true talent. They started out as an aggressive Metal-core outfit, releasing EP ‘Trading Hearts’ and then the 2013 single ‘Another Day’, they dropped it all to develop a more mature, anthemic sound. While ‘Another Day’ still makes its way into their live show, it’s ‘Chapters’ that shows a whole blend of emotions and is evidence that these lads are here to stay.

While on tour during 2014, Omaha grabbed the attention of American record label ‘We Are Triumphant’ (Black Tongue, Neck Deep, Wander) and have secured themselves a spot amongst these artists on an amazing roster.

‘Chapters’ is set for release in January 2015 following the music video for their latest single ‘GND’. Equipped with songs meant for arena’s and a stage performance like no other, the future looks bright for Omaha.

We had the opportunity to hear the infectious release in full prior to the impending release date and we can safely say you will be in for a treat. Chapters resonates in honesty, from the meaningful lyrics to the abrasive sounds- a bigger fan base and more exposure await for Omaha.

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