Unsigned Duo The Daydream Club Cause Spotify Sensation‏

November 20, 2014


The Daydream Club – Spotify Curated Playlist Leads To Mass Demand

One Million Plays in Two Weeks – Unsigned, With No Paid Support

Leicester based The Daydream Club are Adam Pickering and Paula Walker: an unsigned, self-releasing, DIY duo who met studying at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.  Until now, they were known for their girl/boy harmonies, and for delivering performances both epic and intimate in equal measure. That was until recently, as they have caused a sensation – by attracting over One Million plays on Spotify in just two weeks.

Their latest single ‘Soundwaves of Gold’ was added to a Spotify curated playlist titled ‘Autumn Acoustics’ – this then led to over 600,000 plays of the song, and over 500,000 of the title track of the EP it is from – ‘Found’. Paula Walker:

“We find it hard to wrap our heads around the idea that so many people have listened to our music. In gig terms, the O2 Arena is 20,000 capacity so we like to think of it as if we’ve done a virtual Arena tour”

Given recent news of Taylor Swift departing from Spotify, arguing the popular streaming platform does not pay enough to artists for the tracks it hosts, this could be seen as proof of the importance of Spotify and similar streaming services in helping new bands get noticed – in this case without any extra cash outlays or particular promotion, just good and deserving music. A blog titled ‘How Did An Unsigned Band Achieve One Million Plays In Two Weeks?’ was written about what has happened, itself shared over 350 times in a week and pushing the tracks plays even higher.

The Daydream Club are currently working on a new EP set for release early next year.

Read the blog  ‘How Did An Unsigned Band Achieve One Million Plays In Two Weeks?’:

See The Daydream Club Live:
06 Dec 14             Leicester              Pi Bar


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