TIGER LOU! First single in 6 years: “Homecoming #2” (Startracks)‏

November 5, 2014


First single in six years from TIGER LOU released on Startracks!

Tiger Lou are not back with a new single. They’ve just returned home.

In 2008, an east german and somewhat sloppy tattoo artist namned Rotten, carved the Tiger Lou symbol into the arms of the band members. A diamond. A beautiful and black motif. It was somewhat painful and came out a little crooked. Just like Tiger Lou.
Now, six years later, Tiger Lou release their new single “Homecoming #2”, with a longing for Autobahn, their audience and last but not least, each other. A longing for home.

In early 2000, Tiger Lou transformed from an acoustic solo project, releasing limited runs of seven inches, into a four-piece band with a loyal and rapidly growing audience. Where all these fans came from, the band couldn’t figure out, as the mainstream media paid little or no attention to their music. The answer turned out to be a combination of persistent touring and their songs spreading like hellfire through all of the new file sharing forums on the web. And more touring.

This laid a solid foundation for the bands career. Sleeping bags turned into hotel sheets, Rent-a- Wrecks into Nightliners, squats into festival stages. But after the A Partial Print-tour and tattoo session of 2008, everything suddenly came to a standstill. German TV reported on “the disbandment of Tiger Lou”, and almost had the band believe it was true.
Here is the retraction. Homecoming #2, which along with the new album was recorded in obscurity, makes it utterly clear that Tiger Lou has never sounded more like Tiger Lou. And as the title implies, it is a story about coming home. In Tiger Lou’s case, home is wherever the band is.
The recordings, as per usual, take place at Matching Head Studios together with Tiger Lou’s producer-for-life, Rolf Klinth, deploying long time collaborator, Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Mercury Rev), on mixing duties. They say don’t try to fix, what isn’t broken. Tiger Lou is now more unified than ever. And owes some of that unification to an east german and somewhat sloppy tattoo artist namned Rotten.


LISTEN TO “Homecoming #2” ON SPOTIFY:
Tiger Lou – Homecoming

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