Swedish post-hardcore band Disembarked unveil new track

November 27, 2014

Listen to new track ‘Postponed’ now

Album Nothing’s Wrong Here released December 8th via Dog Knights Productions

Stockholm based post-hardcore band Disembarked have unveiled the track ‘Postponed’, taken from their forthcoming album Nothing’s Wrong Here, released December 8th via Dog Knights Productions. The heartwrenching track is one of the albums most epic moments, building to a huge, soaring climax. Emotionally charged yet uplifting, ‘Postponed’ wears its heart fully on its sleeve yet packs a massive punch.

The full length album follows their sold out first EP I Do Nothing But Regret… and will be released by Dog Knights Productions on limited deluxe vinyl and digitally on December 8th 2014.
Nothing’s Wrong Here tracklisting:

  1. Body of a Ghost, Arms of a Man
  2. Sudden Veer
  3. Nothing’s Wrong Here
  4. Postponed
  5. Absent Mother
  6. I Gave It Away
  7. Caesura
  8. Friends, Are You Still There?
  9. Grethe
  10. Saunter
  11. Hindsight
  12. Weekend Chaser

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