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Summon the Octopi – Nonversations out Now via Sober Up Records

November 27, 2014


Introducing the instrumental post-rock world of the Octopi. Musician Mark Vogler, working under the moniker of Summon The Octopi, presents his latest musical effort ‘Nonversations’ out now via Sober Up Records.

The Berlin based artist has created quite the impression with his latest effort. Described as writing, playing and recording all instruments creating a sonic collage of buzzing abyss, delicate romance and intricate grooves that will keep you on your toes, auditorily dissecting the vast influences that acted as ingredients to this truly unique recipe.  Now thats enough to intrigue you to find out more.
In it’s entirety, the EP is unpredictable, and that charm works for this release. With the post-rock element providing the core structure of the release, its the angular grooves that aid the atmospheric deliverance. Each track has its own journey, the compositions each going off on its own tangents, the tracks proving too fierce to tame, this EP simply captivates the listener.

This act are defying the genres that surround them and creating something of their own. Support Summon The Octopi.

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