Soldiers Of A Wrong War set to Release Mini Album Worldwide.

November 28, 2014


Italian Rockers, Soldiers Of A Wrong War, are releasing their new mini album, ‘Slow’, Worldwide on Monday 15th December, which can be purchased on iTunes.

Packed with anthemic tracks, ‘Slow’, is a mix of heavy riffs and catchy hooks that your brain will soak up like a sponge and you’ll never gonna be able to live without. The album as a whole shows where Soldiers Of A Wrong War are right now musically.

Track Listing:

1. Slow
2. Walls
3. Inside My Bones
4. Believe This
5. Dreamers
6. Save Me
7. Inside My Bones (Acoustic)

The album-titled track, Slow, is the first single off the mini album, which was released on Wednesday 19th November. With it’s sharp sound and catchy chorus, Slow, is a never surrender anthem, which is one of the themes throughout the album: “we’ll never surrender, we’ll walk our path and we’ll build our dreams, step by step and brick by brick.”


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