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Pawl Jefferson “Rumination Ruining” EP Special

November 24, 2014

351e0b46-b36d-462c-a2af-0227594bc025Pawl Jefferson is a musician we’ve regularly raved about throughout the last 5 years of us being here. The talent that Pawl Jefferson projects is unlike any other. Back in 2010 we first introduced a promising Brooklyn based post math, melodic quartet Limbs, before its demise. After following the band for some time, we then fell in love with the frontman of the act Jeff Stultz who began writing and recording solo material using his birth name, Paul Jefferson. Then we followed and promoted Jeff’s attributes in the New York 6 piece Balene, fast forward a few years and Jeff is back on the scene with more solo work under the moniker Pawl Jefferson.

Pawl Jefferson has just revealed his stunning new 6 track EP ‘Rumination Ruining’ released November 18th. The orchestrations that complete this flawless record simply resonate in sincerity. Capturing the pure folk essence with it’s own shade of pop. This EP will captivate you.

The songs have moved across the country, oscillated between periods of hibernation and sporadic progress, and cultivated in various sonic spaced. What began in a concrete rehearsal space in Brooklyn, New York have finally emerged from within a redwood shed in Pescadero, California.
This one man talent has capured his release with his own efforts on guitar, bass, drums, piano, synth, casio, omnichord, kalimba, tongue drum and have received contributions from musical comrades on upright bass, percussion, saxophone, banjo and backing vocals.

1. Purity Reaches
2. Rumination Ruining
3. Inner Melodies
4. Inner Rhythms
5. Only Young
6. I’ve Been Shown

This illustrious release is streaming in it’s entirety below-

Download your copy now or for those music lovers that need something physical, head to the bandcamp to get your limited edition CD. And be sure to continue your support by following the act’s social media sites-



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