November 21, 2014


“Turning the use of synth pads into an art, New Arcades continue to find that point where electronic music and pure unadulterated emotion meet” – Indie ShuffleLondon duo New Arcades have announced the release of upcoming single Wherever You Are, an electro-pop beauty which builds on the act’s previous successes to create a grandiose and ambitious sound. Wherever You Are marks the moment that New Arcades step forward and announce to the world that they have truly arrived.

In creating Wherever You Are, New Arcades have taken inspiration from the 80s and the decade’s bastion of electro-pop beats, whilst still sounding wholly fresh and original. New Arcades are well known for their 80s inspirations, having sold previous EP Scenes on cassette earlier this year. Adam Sullivan, one half of New Arcades, describes the creation process of Wherever You Are: “We experimented with different vocal and synth sounds on Wherever You Are and wanted it to be our biggest sounding track yet. We really wanted the verses and choruses to have a contrast in dynamics yet still have a driving pace behind it.”

At its essence Wherever You Are is gloriously uplifting, with energetic beats placed alongside a vibrant and deep background. The nostalgic synths pluck and bash with an unnerving eye to create a composition that vocals and keys can glide and pirouette through. Although electronic at its core, romantic and ruminating lyrics add guile and a soul to Wherever You Are, ensuring that the listener truly feels and understands the human beings behind the sounds.

New Arcades are set to perform at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on 28th  November whilst their upcoming single Wherever You Are will be available on physical and digital formats from 24th November. A music video for Wherever You Are is due for release imminently.

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