Michael Forrest EP – Magic Of Our Time Out Now

November 28, 2014


Michael Forrest

Magic Of Our Time EP

Experimental electropop musician Michael Forrest’s new EP Magic Of Our Time: available for download 10 November.

Following this year’s previous release the “Infinite Music Machine”, which explored the medium of recorded music itself, the premise of this EP is simple: four “pop songs”. With Magic Of Our Time Michael is exposing his heart, allowing himself to be open and vulnerable.

Title track Magic Of Our Time plays lyrically with our current tendency to take the incredible developments in our lives for granted. If any of us really stops and thinks about the information, tools and power at our fingertips in 2014 it is mind blowing, yet when something doesn’t work quite the way we want it to we tend to get angry, to throw it out if it causes the slightest inconvenience, then buy a new one.

Magic Of Our Time invites us to see the magic all around us, take a positive approach and apply that to everything: stop complaining and start appreciating.

Michael Forrest has opened himself up in the production of this EP as well as lyrically. Taking a comparatively stripped back approach to his vocal style (elements of “electronic haze” remain, which he says are there to protect him) and working on the entire musical creation process: writing, playing, recording and producing the songs as a one man operation.

Other tracks on the EP include Talk Or Die, a clearer lyrical exploration of vulnerability. The EP explores something familiar to us all, the ability our own fear can have to hold us back, and the possibility of accepting and overcoming it.

1. Magic Of Our Time
2. Talk Or Die
3. Second Guess You
4. Shoplifting

The EP is out NOW and streaming below via bandcamp-


Twitter: @mf_music


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