Les Bonbons share their debut album ‘Les Bonbons’

November 9, 2014

album cover - Les Bonbons

Les Bonbons share their debut album ‘Les Bonbons’

“‘A beauteous future classic” Artrocker

“Marvellous, relaxed, melancholic, richly textured” Supajam

“Like wearing your chapeau back-to-front whilst singing ‘God Save the Queen’ to the tune of ‘La Marseillaise’” Raw Ramp

Consistently intriguing, mellifluous and musically fearless, the debut album from Les Bonbons is released on 17 November on Ciao Ketchup Recordings. The cross-channel ensemble’s self-titled album will be available on 12” vinyl and on all digital download platforms.

About Les Bonbons

Seven virtuoso troubadours, Les Bonbons perform vagabond pop that resonates with a shimmering wall of sound, pumped up with strings, brass and a choir of charismatic song. Their tunes stagger and swagger the streets of old London town, leaning on the murmured bon mots, sometimes sung, sometimes whispered, of vocalist Fred. Meanwhile, guitarist Billy jives like Django, with a rock’n’roll swing here, a campside flourish there. Like a Franglais mash-up of The Divine Comedy or a Gallic Jarvis Cocker at a gypsy jazz bacchanal, Les Bonbons are an enthralling and intense proposition, as appropriate a soundtrack for your wake as your wedding, provided the mood is celebratory, sincere and there’s more than a little absinthe to hand. Magnifique, mes amis, magnifique.

The tracklisting for ‘Les Bonbons’ is as follows:

1. La Diable Dans Ma Peau

2. Amandine

3. Rum Bar

4. Belle Ellice

5. The Sexual Appetite of the French

6. Le Coron Limineux

7. Dans La Lumiere

8. Folamour

9. Tendrement

See Les Bonbons live:

November 15th – Paris – Le Popin – 105 rue Amelot Paris 75011

November 21st – Free Album Launch Warehouse Party –  UNIT 4, 25 Elkstone road W10 5NT London

December 12th – The Monarch – 40 Chalk Farm Road NW1 8BG London

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