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Introducing LOST ATLANTA

November 15, 2014

036a23f3-47be-4d85-9f3d-635fd900aab7Today we introduce Manchester based post hardcore rockers LOST ATLANTA, who will release their new single ‘Into The Grey’ on December 8th 2014.

Having become a popular regular on their local scene, the quintet have built an eagerness to take their music nationally and new single ‘Into The Grey’ is the perfect offering to take their skilled song writing further afield. The track features a killer guest appearance from Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson, something the band are ecstatic about.

This winter LOST ATLANTA are determined to be the next great British rock act on your radar. This single is a contrast to the songs they have previously written, this time focusing more on melody and clean vocals, without sacrificing the heavier style of their music.

“We are currently writing a bunch of new songs ready to hit the studio in the new year, to record a brand new EP. We also plan to start branching out and playing new places around the UK.” – expect a lot more from LOST ATLANTA in the next year, they have a lot more to give.

‘Into The Grey’ featuring Tim Henson of Polyphia will be released on December 8th 2014.

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