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Introducing Deer Johnson

November 5, 2014


Deer Johnson = Philippe + Toby; No More, No Less

Swizz Duo Bring ‘Another Day’ To The UK

Hand on heart, Deer Johnson are the real deal. Hailing from Basel, Switzerland, the two friends have united through a shared passion to re-discover music and the world, to move forward in life bringing new experiences and a fresh take on their creative ideas each day at a time.  Their songs are written for the enjoyment of their art form and the expression of their ideals and feelings – without any superficial mainstream pandering. It’s Philippe and Toby, no more, no less.

Their collective name is literally thus: a combination of their individual monikers. Philippe Deer and Toby Johnson both perform acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion, and have integrity in their sound that appeals to fans of Fink or Turin Breaks. Their upcoming single ‘Another Day’, due for release on Monday 8th December, espouses all their core values in a relaxed, melancholic timbre with an upbeat edge.

Two guitars, two voices, simple beats. The result is intimate and thought provoking, the formula non-formulaic, and winning the love of audiences across Europe, and for the first time the duo are coming to the UK in support of the new single, and because it is part of their ethos to travel and meet new people, using their music to get there. The tour includes three dates supporting UK folk masters Moulettes.

New single ‘Another Day’ is released on Monday 8th December 2014

Deer Johnson perform in the UK this December:
10th Dec                    Wolverhampton – Robin 2 (Supporting Moulettes)
11th Dec                    Wakefield – Unity Hall  (Supporting Moulettes)
12th Dec                    Liverpool – Lomax
13th Dec                    Bury –  The Met (Supporting Moulettes)
14th Dec                    Sheffield – South Sea Live


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