Geppetto And The Whales Reveal Stunning New Single

November 10, 2014

1814 / HEADS
December 1, 2014

 Geppetto And The Whales are an indie, psychedelic, folk, pop, rock band from Belgium. Something of a big deal over there, they recently released their debut album ‘Heads Of Woe’ with much acclaim in their native Benelux region after being signed to Warner Music and now they are delighted to release a single to the rest of mainland Europe and the world. This debut single ‘1814’ is a dark though beautiful love song based on a truly fascinating war story and is sure to become a winter felt anthem. Sander Sterkens from the band explains, “We’re very excited to introduce to you our single ‘1814’. This song is based on a 200 year old diary from someone who lived in the same village as we do. He had to fight in a Napoleonic war against his own people, was captured in Russia, escaped and made his way home on a 7000 miles foot journey. The way he describes the feeling of coming home after so many years is what we’ve tried to capture with this song. We hope you feel it too.”

The single is backed by the incredible B-side ‘Heads’ which offers a slice of beatnik groove and vocal harmony in a retro yet unique way. Both tracks give a reflective taste of the versatile quality dripping throughout Geppetto And The Whales, and indeed every single track on ‘Heads Of Woe’. A beautifully crafted debut, which sounds mature though full of youthful promise at the same time. It blends beautiful little melodies with overwhelming soundscapes and live the band demonstrate why they are repeatedly flagged as a must-see at some of Europe’s biggest festivals where they’ve shone, like Eurosonic and Pukkelpop.

The album comes two years after they made it to the finals of Humo’s Rock Rally in 2012 (a prestigious platform in Belgium which helped launch bands like dEUS and Balthazar) and a year and a half since releasing debut EP ‘People Of Galicove’ to rave reviews. Of their album their biggest national paper De Morgen describes ‘Heads Of Woe’ as, “a pure, often Beatlesque record on which the songs aren’t stuffed with more than it needs, and on which the beautiful three-part harmony jumps in the eye. Songs such as Jonathan, Heads and 1814 are accompanied by bright and pure melodies, and the music breathes in a wide, rustic atmosphere…”

‘1814’ is complimented by a striking animated video and Geppetto And The Whales will venture onto UK shores for dates across most cities including Hoxton Bar & Grill in London on December 17th. Debut single ‘1814’ is being self-released outside of Benelux on December 1st 2014.

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