FRITJOF NORRMO releases debut single “Travelers Dream” (Americana/Indiefolk)

November 5, 2014


FRITJOF NORRMO releases debut single “Travelers Dream” (Americana/Indiefolk)

It was on a road trip through British Columbia in Canada two years ago that Fritjof Norrmo, living in Gothenburg, Sweden, realised that he has to be a musician. He drove a minivan with a group of backpackers aiming for the horizon, passing incerdible landscapes and camping on beaches. A few weeks later he returned to his native Gothenburg with a thought of trying his wings as a solo artist. That was the starting point of what you’re now about to hear.  With a light sound and melodic guitar, he tell stories about wearyness, loneliness and an endless longing for belonging.
Debut single “Travelers Dream” is out now on all digital platforms.

Fritjof Norrmo – Traveler’s Dream

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