Electro-classical revolutionaries RUBATO to release debut single‏

November 7, 2014


Artist: Rubato

Single: Prelude With Attitude

Release Date: November 23rd 2014

Label: Fossil Sounds

“Rubato must emerge spontaneously from the music; it can’t be calculated but must be totally free. It’s not even something you can teach: each performer must feel it on the basis of his or her own sensitivity. There’s no magic formula: to assume otherwise would be ridiculous.” Maurizio Pollini

RUBATO is a three-piece ensemble from East London that sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. It explores the limits of contemporary musicianship, combining classical piano composition with pulsating rhythms and atmospheric electronics. Rubato’s music is at once melodic and seductive, wrapping a unique brand of live improvisation around the inspiration of Rachmaninoff, Debussy, and Chopin. Rubato reinterprets pieces by master composers, occupying a liminal space between genres that flits between moods associated more closely with classical and avant-garde composition than with the dance floor. The ensemble’s music lives up to the literal definition of its name, subtly manipulating rhythm and tempo to allow for a nuanced musical expression that reverses expectations, making the computer follow the human touch, the sheer audacity of which poses conceptual anarchy across both genres.

Rubato is made up of Russian born concert pianist Marina Lieberman, drummer Yuval Juva Wetzler, and multi-instrumentalist producer Raz Olsher. The project emerged from Olsher’s experimentations with the piano, which led him to reflect on how fluctuations in dynamics and tempo have effectively disappeared in a world dominated by sequenced rhythmic patterns. Sharply contrasting the vast landscape of programmed sounds, Rubato moves through dynamics with agility, drawing whole worlds of emotion out of the smallest variation. Its three musicians are dedicated to the mutability of rhythm, and perform as textural elements working together to create a delicate juxtaposition of the human and the electronic. Olsher further explains that, “this is a very conceptual, intellectual project, although never at the expense of musicality.”

‘Prelude With Attitude’ will be Rubato’s debut single release and offers a bold entrance, as they emphatically re-ignite Sergei Rachmaninoff’s ‘Prelude in C Sharp’ featuring Bishi Bhattacharya on vocals (a rising star and pioneer of the New York nu-cabaret scene, much lauded by Yoko & Sean Lennon).

As with their recorded music, Rubato’s live show is immersive and energetic. Equally at home at a festival and in a concert hall, Rubato’s performances ramp up the improvisatory feel, with live audio visual manipulations that ensure that every individual performance is unique and unrepeatable. Rubato dream of a music without inhibitions, and by making the familiar sound new, they invite audiences to listen without prejudice and inhabit this vision with them.

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