DC shoegazers BIG HUSH release new EP (free download)‏ on DZ Tapes

November 11, 2014


Big Hush – Wholes EP

Now on DZ TAPES, upcoming release show with Chris Forsyth

DC shoegaze veterans Big Hush play “a brilliant blend of droopy, dreamy and fuzzy guitars sweetly bathed by Genevieve Ludwig’s softly-sung folk-pop vocals” [1] creating “sunny tunes with remarkable tact and unarguable hooks”. [2] A limited edition run of 100 cassettes are OUT NOW on DZ TAPES and the release show is 22nd November in DC with Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band.

The band plays patient shoegaze folk sentiments, with crystalline vocal harmonies piercing through three layers of fuzzy sepia-toned guitar. Hazy rock melodies washed in sunburnt distortion flow through all four tracks, blanketing your ears in an enigmatic overdrive like a warm breeze enveloping your outstretched hand while cruising windows-down on an open road in the mid-afternoon. Dreamy and seductive, this release will have you feeling somewhere between a comatose kitten and a hypnotized house plant.

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