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November 19, 2014
Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson

  Dope Body announce one month of live shows across the UK and Europe in January 2015, this news comes hot on the heels of their second album for Drag City, Lifer.

   In the Internet age where the audience is constantly bombarded by “trending” artists, it’s easy to lose sight of the basic concept of music as a source of creativity in its realist form: one helluva live performance. Dope Body embody this notion and deliver in spades, and their records happen to be particularly banging, too.
 Dope Body have built a reputation in the underground community for delivering intense live performances, the type that exhilarate in their unpredictability, galvanised in large part by the group’s charismatic lead singer, Andrew Laumann. With a sonic buzzsaw of a guitar/bass/drum attack firmly and wildly alongside, the ferocity of a Dope Body show is truly unmatched. To arrive at the apex of such stage appeal, and off the back of their 2012 release for Drag City, Natural History, the band embarked on a rigorous 19 months of almost nonstop touring. This intense dedication allowed them to develop a monstrously unique performance and bring it to every festival, bar, basement and backyard available, garnering a grassroots fan base along the way.  Now with another feral, gut-busting album under their belt to prove their mettle as studio stalwarts, it’s once again time for Dope Body to put themselves on full display, proving their live performance is truly something to behold. Catch them lest they catch you at one of the following shows:

30.01.15    Copenhagen (DK), Loppen
31.01.15    Aalborg (DK), Northern Winter Beat Festival
01.02.15    Hamburg (DE), Hafenklang (w/ Disappears)
02.02.15    Berlin (DE), Kantine am Berghain (w/ Disappears)
03.02.15    Prague (CZ), Klub 007
04.02.15    Nuernberg (DE), K4
05.02.15    Vienna (AT), Fluc
06.02.15    Muenchen (DE), Kafe Kult
07.02.15    Esslingen (DE), Komma Winterfest
11.02.15    Lyon (FR), Grrrnd Zero
12.02.15    Paris (FR), L’Espace B
13.02.15    Nottingham (UK), Stuck on a Name
14.02.15    Cardiff (UK), From Now On Festival
15.02.15    Manchester (UK), Gullivers
16.02.15    Leeds (UK), Brudenell Social Club
17.02.15    London (UK), Montague Arms
18.02.15    Nijmegen (NL), Merleyn
19.02.15    Brussels (BE), VK
20.02.15    Groningen (NL), Vera
21.02.15    Rotterdam (NL), Worm  

“With Lifer, Dope Body have created a record that punches you square in the forehead. Their sound is an organic, eclectic mix of influences brewed out of furious jam sessions in the bleak and desolate streets of Baltimore. Where the album is most successful though, is in its achievement of capturing the raucous, unhinged live sound that the band create when they set upon the stage with a whirlwind of noise. It embodies a rock & roll spirit that is rarely found in such abundance today, but Dope Body have it by the bucket load.”CHERWELL – review (31 Oct) “The lo-fi production and guitar tones serve to bind it in its stylistic variance and to give it energy.” – THE QUIETUS
“Underpinned with plenty of hooks and changes of pace to maintain interest. While they love making a racket – the howling, Damned-like “Toy” is a prime example – the band are also capable of writing more subtle belters like “Echo”. which matches the slink and sneer garage strut of The Make-Up with a blistering proto-metal outburst, the Krautrock-tapping eddies of “Even In The End” and “Day By Day”, which introduces a bouncing Clash-like reggae-punk mood before embracing the inevitable bedlam.” – UNCUT
“It’s that constant questioning of their sound even as they hurtle purposefully forward that makes Dope Body so exciting.” – SKINNY

“While the energy is raw and primitive, the compositions and the playing is anything but…Dope Body grasp the power of straight ahead, driving rock, the potency of volume and speed. The percussion is the band’s real driving force. They still manage to work in some strong melodies and powerhouse choruses and at times come on like The Ramones only with steroid-enhanced muscle. Cracking stuff.” – WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN

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