Billy Momo premiere new video, ‘I’ve Got You’, from upcoming album ‘Drunktalk’‏

November 12, 2014


Urban-folk collective Billy Momo are pleased to announce their new single, ‘I’ve Got You’, set for release on 10th November.
The Swedish-based seven-piece hit British shores for the first time with this explosive new track – a modern take on classic folk music, with pulsing pop elements aplenty.


Opening with an orchestral arrangement laden with swirling strings, delicately plucked guitars, and chimed bells, ‘I’ve Got You’ takes little time in shifting straight into gear.

A resounding string-led backbone provides the perfect canvas for Billy Momo to express themselves, with founding member Tomas Juto’s majestic vocals accompanied by a lone thumping kick, before his fellow members enter the frame with driven drums and elegant lacings of ambient guitar. The chorus erupts with legato violins and ornate vocal harmonies providing a wealth of colour and texture, perfectly showcasing the Swedish collective’s ability to write compelling pop tunes.
The track was written between the two founding members, Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell, whilst undergoing their daily jobs. Juto would write vocal lines in his office while Hovell would use the recording facilities at the school he worked at to transfer the ideas in his head into a physical presence. The first real demo of the song was recorded in Juto´s basement, while the subject of the song – his daughter – was upstairs trying her best to sleep through the noise.
Having originally started out as a duo, whose journey began when two old friends retreated to a lone cabin in the woods and found a common alter ego – a pet ghost they named Billy Momo – the band have gradually picked up more members along the way. This has enabled them to showcase their talents across the spectrum of pop, folk and soul, constantly pushing the boundaries of their own sound.
Taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Drunktalk’, due for release on 2nd February 2015, ‘I Got You’ expertly demonstrates why Billy Momo are generating such a buzz in their homeland – and now they’re set to conquer the UK too. Watch this space.

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