Arcade Messiah Release Debut Album As Free Download‏

November 26, 2014

d2578c65-c299-4dda-9e35-7918c9f095abARCADE MESSIAH have today released their self titled 7 track debut album as a Free (pay what you want) download on bandcamp.

The entire album can now be streamed/downloaded from their bandcamp site at

ARCADE MESSIAH” is a new Metal/Stoner/Prog hybrid Instrumental project from John Bassett (the singer, songwriter and producer of UK Progressive Rock Band KingBathmat)

this album fits nicely alongside Russian Circles, Pelican and even Iron Maiden. It’s progressive metal meets post-metal with a ton of riffage. 95/100 powermetal

this is something you will place on your top 5 albums of the year. It is well crafted, well conceived and meticulously produced. I don’t think there is anything in the genre that sounds quite like it! sphere

has the potential to interest many, many people out there who can find anything or everything to love in this albumheadbangerreviews

John Bassett’s one-man band puts forth a dark, bleak, and apocalyptic soundAntimusic

Arcade Messiah combines elements of Metal, Stoner, Doom, Prog, Math rock, and ambient post rock into a sonic maelstrom of seven instrumental songs.

John Bassett: “after writing and producing numerous KingBathmat albums and more recently the acoustic solo album “Unearth”, I decided I wanted to create my first instrumental album, and I wanted it to be set, audibly and visually in a dark, bleak apocalyptic aura of despair and anger. I wanted to focus on enormous riffs & sorrowful yet powerful musical refrains and place them within a terrain of unusual time signatures interspersed by moments of psychedelic calm.

website –

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