November 4, 2014

AJR - Black Sheep cover




1 – ‘Bounce’
2 – ‘Black Sheep’
3 – ‘Temptress’
4 – ‘Closure’
5 – ‘Just Another Ghost’

 Yorkshire alternative metal five-piece A Joker’s Rage are set to release their new EP, ‘BlackSheep’ on November 21. From the dark powerpop of ‘Bounce’ through to the pure vitriol of ‘Just Another Ghost’ this EP will challenge the listener like modern-day Muse, it’ll entertain like classic Kiss, and excite like MJ.

Alongside the band’s painted faces and party-starting energy, there’s real drive inside all of these songs, and passionate, unapologetic lyrical delivery. A Joker’s Rage are the real f’ing deal. Vocalist Zakky Boy Taylor comments on the EP’s inspirations and what this collection of songs means to him: “This EP came from a really dark place when I started writing it; a place filled with hatred, revenge and jealousy. I’d been stabbed in the back a lot and lied to. And the only way I was ever going to deal with it was to make this, and I was going to destroy everybody in my way.”

AJR’s aims are pure, and that’s why you’ve got to pay attention. They want to entertain and connect with people on an honest level. There’s no pretence here, ladies and gentleman, and no freakin’ scene to cater to. Zakky expands on how the band makes a conscious effort to involve all on a musical level: “A lot of the lyrical content on the EP, deals with our collective distaste for people that look down on others. We have fans that are into indie, punk, electro and rock music. We’ve seen kids and much older people dancing to our music. This EP is about our band uniting with its audience.”

The bottom line? A Joker’s Rage are five individuals with alter-egos ready to rip when they go on stage, to let out the anger and turmoil within. “The whole point of the ‘gameface’ make-up, as we call it is so that we can be who we want to be on stage, and then leave that behind when we are done,” says Zakky. “When we’ve got the ‘gameface’ on, we’re dangerous, but when it’s off, we’ll take your granny for a cup of tea. We want to create something that’s just as exciting visually as it is aurally. Everybody needs to step out of their own skin every now and again, and not be afraid of who they really want to be.”

A Joker’s Rage is:

Zakky Boy Taylor – Vocals / Adam “Twiggy” Gauton – Guitars / Al Scott – Guitars / Geordie Ginface – Bass / Matt “Bam Bam” Collinge – Drums/Keys

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