11PARANOIAS stream their brand new full length, Stealing Fire From Heaven in its entirety‏

November 18, 2014
Artwork by Max Ernst, titled 'The Temptation of St Anthony

Artwork by Max Ernst, titled ‘The Temptation of St Anthony


  London-based psychedelic doom trio, 11PARANOIAS stream their brand new full-length, Stealing Fire From Heaven (Ritual Productions), in its entirety.
  Metal Hammer, who premiered the album stream wrote…“devoted followers of the doom world demand certain things from their favourite music: massive riffs, bleak mysticism, the spirit of Sabbath filtered through a prism of retrospective grandeur. One element that should probably be added to that list of essentials, however, is wrongness. 11PARANOIAS have wrongness in vast quantities, and their new album, Stealing Fire From Heaven – is one of this year’s most wickedly bewildering releases as a result.  From pummelling, subterranean mantras to wild, esoteric noise, these British miscreants use doom as a starting point from which they descend, gleefully and with a dash of malice, into hitherto untouched corners of sonic Hell.”
11PARANOIAS play at the Black Heart in London on 31st January presented by Cosmic Carnage. Further UK dates shall be revealed in the coming weeks. 

  The band have also revealed the following trailer to get people excited about the album release, you can watch and share via the following link
 “There’s some serious pedigree to 11 Paranoias…[they] summon a mind-warping blend of psychedelic stoner doom, which sometimes drifts along amiably enough then at other times feels like it’s opening  a black hole in the sky right above you…”Surrealise”..sounds like a skeletal frame of Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” with the saxophonist playing a noirish, Blade Runner OST-influenced solo three blocks away before the guitars kick in like a giant cathedral roof collapsing on the faithful inside.– VICE
“A rare beast indeed…eerie atmospherics, agonised screams, screeching saxophone, and nods to Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and (perhaps unconsciously) Cream – its all here, and more. From the tectonic dirge of Paranoiditude (Beyond The Grave) to the galactic girth of the simply epic At The Cursus, it’s a tumultuous, trance-like trip through Kosmische chaos, acid-fried space rock and…most colossal crushing doom.” – METAL HAMMER
“Mike Vest provide the eeriest draw, crafting meditative swirls that slip imperceptibly into more monstrous forms, while the combined weight of Nathan Perrier’s gorgon swings and the nihilistic moans and calls of Adam Richardson keep the pace at a broken-limbed crawl, and when the madness finally hits in the explosive Lost To Smoke, it’s like Dagon’s rise all over again.– ROCK A ROLLA
“A portion of this record is all mysterious, hazy and quietly seething, the majority is euphoric (as much as doom can be joyous) riff showboating, but what’s wrong with that? The earth-splitting At The Cursus is just towering magnificence, the cathartic and mighty tone waves emerging from this one are only matched by the elaborate and yet subtle percussion that adds to the tripped-out bliss on offer. It sounds like the world is ending on this one, but nobody will care when Armageddon sounds this great. The Max Ernst artwork also lends a mythical, other-worldly aspect to the release. Coupling his images with the music contained within is a strike of surreal and enticing genius, this record is on an absolute and unobtainable pedestal. Listen and learn, this is the new true doom.” – NINEHERTZ


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