TENNIS unveil video for I’m Callin’ , new LP ‘Ritual In Repeat’ released Feb 2nd on Communion / Island‏

October 17, 2014


Unveil video for I’m Callin’
New LP ‘Ritual In Repeat’ released Feb 2nd on Communion / Island

“The best record Tennis has done so far.”—NPR Music “All Songs Considered”

“The LP blends catchy classic rock riffs with an indie pop sensibility and a dreamy lo-fi disco sound.” —Time Magazine

“Haim fans, take note: Alaina Moore’s delicate voice drives buoyant guitar pop on this re-lease.” —New York Magazine

After two albums of gorgeous, breezily lissom beach pop, the husband and wife duo of Ten-nis look set to make the big leap into the next phase of their career with “Ritual in Repeat”, their boldest, most polished and confident record to date.

Produced in three different cities with three prodigiously talented producers (The Black Keys’ Pat Carney, Spoon’s Jim Eno and The Shins’ Richard Swift), “Ritual In Repeat” represents a startling expansion for Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, and a sumptuous deepening of their sound. Here their knack for an effortlessly melodic hook has been sharpened to a knife-edge, the vocals are at once more robust and emotive, and there are definite shadings to the bright pop palette, with piercing sadness and melancholy cutting through the sweetness.

As a result, while “Ritual in Repeat” certainly cements their position as masters of pop classicism at its finest, it also delivers some unexpected surprises. Teaser single “Never Work For Free” sets a tale against a rich, shimmering vintage 70’s backdrop, while “I’m Callin’” dips its toe into 80’s funk, sounding like “Into the Blue” era Madonna fronting The Shirelles. The supine “Wounded Heart” pairs spectral folk with niggling melodies, and “Needle and a Knife” is a yearning, soaring, bittersweet mini-anthem; Tennis at their very best. As far as progressions go, this is definitely an exciting one, a maturation of sorts which finds the band finally playing in the same field as other pop contemporaries such as Haim. One can only wonder what they’ll do on the next one.

Watch the video for I’m Callin’ here:

Tennis play a London show at the Lexington on the 18th November,  book tickets here:


1. Night Vision
2. Never Work For Free
3. Needle And A Knife
4. I’m Callin’
5. Bad Girls
6. Timothy
7. Viv Without The N
8. Wounded Heart
9. This Isn’t My Song
10. Solar On The Rise
11. Meter & Line

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