Six Time Champion Unveil New EP Details & Stream Title Track

October 2, 2014


‘Expecting Honesty’ From Six Time Champion
-Brighton Pop Punks Unveil New EP Details & Stream Title Track
-UK Tour Dates With Trash Boat & Homebound Announced

Pop-Punk: just in case you missed the billboard sized memo, it’s back, hotter than ever, and it now comes in a fetching shade of British.

Indeed, following hot on the heels of fellow countrymen Neck Deep, ROAM, As It Is and Trash Boat, Brighton quintet Six Time Champion are making their presence felt with storming new five-tracker, Expecting Honesty. “Theres a lot of dishonesty in life,” states vocalist James Dagg, discussing the E.P’s thematic background. “Whether its an exaggeration, a little white lie, or someone who will actively be dishonest for some sort of gain, youll always end up dealing with people that will lie and be dishonest. And yet, you still expect honesty from people that you deal with in life – being honest isnt really that difficult.”

Completed by guitarists Simon Glover and Will Smithers, bassist Steve Isted and drummer Richard Titheradge, Six Time Champion are not afraid to be musically honest, and wear their own influences on their sleeves with pride. As Dagg explains: “There are a few bands that are quite strong influences for us; A Day To Remember and Set Your Goals and Such Gold are three bands that have shaped a lot of what we do, especially from an instrumental point of view.”

Six Time Champion are more than pop-punk by numbers, mind you.I do feel we have a pretty individual sound,” muses Dagg: “I think especially within the UK Pop Punk Scene were a bit heavier than a lot of bands out there at the moment. As well as the aforementioned influences, we have a lot of different influences outside of the pop punk genre, and I think that really comes through a lot on this this release.”

Buoyant with hooks, Expecting Honesty drives its points home with fiery panache, Six Time Champion’s rougher edge reveals their boisterous live energy. “This our first release created by the whole band, so there’s been a lot of progression and a lot more thought and input from everyone into how the songs are written,” says Dagg; “We’ve also thought a lot about how these songs work in a live setting and have changed them throughout the writing process after playing them at shows, to ensure they can sound as good in a live environment as they do recorded.”

 ‘Expecting Honesty’ Track Listing:
1. Running Dry
2. Happiness In Emptiness
3. Expecting Honesty

4. Dragging my Feet
5. Separation

See Them On Tour With Trash Boat & Homebound In October:
23rd- Temple Of Boom, Leeds (without Homebound)
24th- Bar 42, Worthing
25th- The Black Dog, Crawley
26th- The Unicorn, London

Stream Title Track ‘Expecting Honesty’ Now:

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