KINETICS (SWE) release new single “Gravity Overtook The Parrot” (Grammofonbolaget Deluxe)!

October 23, 2014


KINETICS (SWE) release new single “Gravity Overtook The Parrot” (Grammofonbolaget Deluxe)!

“Gravity Overtook The Parrot” is the apolouge like title of the new Kinetics single, already adding on Swedish radio!

The song has one foot in an electronic landscape and one foot in melodic, classic indie pop with attacking guitars and falsetto vocals. It is also, text wise, a merciless struggle with modern day narcisistic culture, in which we’re hiding behind in a shell, always chasing something and finally ending up in the fact that “gravity takes you too”.
Kinetics, originally hailing from Växjö in the Southern parts of Sweden released three critically acclaimed singles last spring. This fall will see the band unveiling a vinyl 4 track and touring Sweden.

Kinetics – Gravity overtook the parrot


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