Keymono Share stunning remix of ‘Run Boy’ by Kanas‏

October 26, 2014

Keymono share their stunning new remix of ‘Run Boy’ by producer Kanas

Keymono’s performance and energy was absolutely amazing and their adventurous sound will delight anyone with an ear for good dance music Dylan Statow, The Peoples Music Awards

The original and the remix is released on a 7″ vinyl by Vinylize.

About the video director 
Ziggy Pictures’ objective is to bring artists from various backgrounds together, who, sharing a connection and ideas, want to make a change. Continually pushing the boundaries, their collective input in film making and other artistic projects, is directed towards bringing something meaningful to the world. It’s about self-realization, professionalism and having fun at the same time. After all, working side by side is not only a source of inspiration but also a means to achieving a measure of excellency. Serious and dedicated, but still imbued with a happy-go-lucky spirit, we try to keep our footing in this money-driven world. Our fortune is made up of our own resources. Ziggy Pictures is more focused on the process than the destination. The work never ends.

About the remixer KANAS
Free and boundless producer and composer, seeking freedom and joyous playfulness in immeasurable musical space. Music is The Great Magic – to make music – means to be an alchemist of human body and mind, it means to be able to play with peoples energies.
There is no music without a Human being, and no Human being without music – that is the religion of KANAS…

About Keymono 
Justifiably massive in their homeland, where they have released two albums, soundtracked two films and won numerous awards, including Best Song, Album of the Year and Best Dance Song, Keymono’s unique fusion of digitalism, fluid percussiveness and pulsing rootsy horns is now set to take the UK by storm. The band’s instrumental arsenal encompasses keys, trumpet, flute, sax, bass and drums to colour the bytes and beats that drive their sound. Citing influences as diverse as Prince, Chaka Khan, Little Dragon, Pink Floyd and Beethoven, theirs is a truly original mash-up of nailed-on floor-fillers that synthesise man and machine into an irresistible tribal groove. Trust us, Keymono’s rapturous high-energy electronica is not a sound you will be able to, or will be willing to, forget.

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